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Per Brevig with Hilary Hahn


Per Brevig... shaped the performance (Rigoletto) artfully.
     — The New York Times

...Orchestra of St. Luke's, conducted by Per Brevig in a compelling concert
     — The New York Times

Brevig was utterly convincing and rewarding.
     — The New York Times

The performance of all these (avant garde) pieces were of high quality and heaped credit upon conductor Brevig and the orchestra. ... By any standard, it all added up to a remarkable evening indeed.
     — Musical America

It was the occasion for much estimable and rewarding music-making. ...the orchestra played expertly under Brevig's authoritative leadership ... he led the ensemble with aplomb and incisiveness.
     — Musical America

Brevig's conducting is clear and elegant, authoritative without being authoritarian.
     — New York Concert Review

...remarkably responsive orchestra, artfully conducted... made it possible to luxuriate in the music ... an experience all too rare in the concert hall these days. ...Per Brevig's and St. Luke's performance was of a whole cloth, beautifully and carefully shaped, and impeccably played.
     — New York Concert Review

...showed incredibly intimate and flawless ensemble playing. Most impressive were the timbre, tone quality and substance of interpretation inherent in the music. Never exaggerated, always disciplined, one instrument never projecting at the expenses of the ensemble... an exquisite concert.
     — Bergens Tidende, Norway

...A finished reading, technically impressive and emotionally charged. ...Brevig had worked out not only Wagner's creative detailing in the orchestration, but had managed also to emphasize the beauties of melody ...whether subtly as in Tristan or flamboyantly as in Lohengrin.
     — The Herald Times

Brevig excelled at coaxing lush sonorities ... Brevig paid precise attention to each dynamic shading creating a dense tapestry of sound that I can only call sublime.
     — Bloomington Voice, Indiana

The spectacular performance of the symphonic poem "Pines of Rome" received loud acclaim from the audience. ...with "The Pines" Per Brevig and the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica made an overwhelming performance which raised delirium within the audience.

Per Brevig and the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica conveyed an overwhelming reading of Mahler's Sixth Symphony. ... Velvet sound on the strings, smoothness in the wind section, and balance between sections, characterized the performance by Per Brevig and the orchestra who received an ovation by the audience at the end of the concert.
     — La Nacion, Costa Rica

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